Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Peter Pan Collar

Peter Pan collars are so adorable and dainty.  However, I do not understand how they got their name.  The collar that Peter Pan wears appears to be nothing like the rounded ones that we consider to be "Peter Pan" today.  Oh well, they are just so cute!

On a side note, I love Disney Cartoons.  They are still so much fun to watch and the art and music is gorgeous, buy here.

This ASOS little black lace dress is gorgeous. I want it. 

   I love the way that phoebedoes from Chictopia layers her sweater and pulls the collar out over the top.

I have this blouse in cream from Urban Outfitters and it goes with everything. The sheer detailing on the sleeve is super pretty. 

French Toast makes school uniforms for boys and girls and I think that their Peter Pan collar shirts are just so cute and would be perfect for layering.  Although they are in girls sizes, they carry up to size 20 so many of us could wear them. The best part is, they are so cheap.  This one is only 5.99 on Amazon. I'm buying now.

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