Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I've been loving mesh since summer.  It's been a big player this winter and looks as though it will continue its momentum into Spring.  I think it looks beautiful on the skin and can be styled in countless ways.  What is your favorite way to wear mesh?

The ruching in this swimsuit cinches in all the right places plus mesh dries super fast.   
image courtesy of and swimsuit available here

I love this mesh pocketed dress from Samantha Pleet's Spring 2011 collection. Although I would certainly have to think twice about stuffing my pockets with all the junk I usually do since it would all be on display.
image from

The lovely mesh lingerie is from The Loved One collection which will be released any day now! I contributed through Kickstarter to this project when it was still being dreamed up and I can't wait to see the full collection! Check it out here.

I wouldn't have had any clue how to style mesh leggings, but Renee J from does so beautifully and certainly inspired me. 
As much as I love to hate Project Runway's season 9 winner, Gretchen Jones, I have to admit that I kinda love this dress that she wore to the finale. 
image from
I've seen similar versions of this dress in many different places but it is definitely most affordable from  Forever 21 and it has a more interesting back than others. 

American Apparel knows how to pair a mesh skirt with a mesh top and make it work.  Both items available in their online store

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